This is it:

Some of you know me as a former recording artist on Polygram Records. Some of you know me as a creative director of an ad agency. Others might say, "What the hell? You're a Jekyll and Hyde." Not so. What advertising and music have in common is the ability to communicate with thousands of people at the same time while each person thinks you’re talking just to them. The idea is to take a personal story and make it just broad enough so that others can relate as if it’s their own. It all comes down to stories; whether it’s music or advertising. People love stories and they especially love stories about themselves or someone they know. This is what I do. I tell stories. And as a creative director, I help shape others so they can become better storytellers. I also help clients find their own voice to tell their story to the world. Groupies in dressing rooms and panties flying on stage are simply informal focus groups that offer anecdotal evidence that the storytelling is working rather well.

For all my musician friends who wonder what it's like to be in advertising, this is it:

For all my advertising friends who wonder what it's like to be a musician, this is it:

Okay, so this might not be exactly how it is. But there are moments when it's exactly like this. Everyone thinks their own story is too damn boring and so they look elsewhere for a better one. But everyone has those live or die/laugh or cry moments. No one wants to watch a rock n' roller standing in line to buy toilet paper. And no one wants to watch Don Draper stare at his blank sheet of paper trying to dream up a commercial for a Kodak projector with a wheel. But if we could edit out the mundane moments of our lives, they'd be interesting as hell. And so in a way, my life is like this. It's funny as shit. And crazy as hell. May I humbly suggest you live your life like it's a movie. Your kids will edit out the boring stuff after you die and share it with the grandkids. It'll be a hoot.